Friday, May 16, 2008

Ten More Things About Me

Along time ago - well maybe not that long, but long enough, FOM from Fairly Odd Mother reached out and touched me for this meme.

Here are the VIR (very important rules):

· Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

· Share five random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog. Then, share the five top places on your “want to see or want to see again” list.

· Tag a minimum of five random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment in their blog.

So, here we go:

Random and/or Weird Facts about Whirlwind:

1. I am the first person in my immediate family (Husband excluded) who has not only gone to college, but graduated with a degree. That degree, however, really isn’t helping me right now.

2. I am a mommy. Sounds obvious, right? But I am a mommy in the sense that my kids come first. Most of our activities and schedules revolve around them. That’s not to say that I put my Husband behind them (I don’t) but we try to schedule around them. It does, however, mean that I will never have a career. Sure, I’ll have a job at some point (once Moe is in school sometime) but it’s not going to be one of those soul-stealing, married to your job type deals. It will be one where I can be there for my kids when they need me and so I won’t have to rely on other to raise my kids. (sorry if that sounds to sancti-mommy-ish).

3. I was (still am?) a tom-boy. I had more male friends because I couldn’t relate to the girls (I didn’t care about clothes, hair, make-up and giggling at boys). It was easier to have real friendships with boys than superficial friendships with other females. Now as an adult, I have many female friends. It’s easier once you get past high school!

4. I have dimples in my shoulders. They are kind of unique. My dad has them and so does Moe. I’ve had plenty of people comment on them.

5. I tend to over analyze things which cause me to have mild panic attacks. It’s part of some unconscious drive for perfectionism. It’s what drove me to be a straight A student all through school. It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I realized I don’t have to be perfect. I can fuck up and the world will not end. I try to show the girls that yes, I make mistakes and that as long as they try their hardest we will be proud of them.

Places I'd like to visit/revisit:

1. St. Thomas. We went there on our honeymoon almost 9.5 years ago. It was everything I expected and then some. White sand beaches, incredible banana daiquiris (seriously, nothing can compare!), and incredible scenery. A trip to nearby St. John’s for some time on some private beaches is a great escape.

2. Hawaii. It’s one place I’ve always wanted to visit.

3. England. I’ve always been intrigued by the countryside and of course, Stonehenge! And of course, I’d love to visit London. “Look big Ben. Look Big Ben. Look Big Ben.”

4. Australia. Everything about it interests me. I’d love to spend a few weeks there. Of course, the plane ride’s a killer!

5. Belize. A friend sent me a link to a place in Belize the visited and it looks amazing. Ruins, rain forest, beaches. What more can you ask for?

Now. . .who to tag, who to tag?
Jane @ Pinks and Blue Girls, Stimey @ Stimeyland, WhyMommy @ ToddlaerPlanet, Karen @ Needs New Batteries and that's it. What, that's only four? Didn't you read that I'm giving up trying to be perfect.

And for those of you new here, be sure to look at 5 other things about me (and about the girls) Coincidentally, the girls parts are still pretty much all still relevant today.


Stimey said...

Dimples in your shoulders, eh? You're an enigma, wrapped in a mystery. (Ensconced in a blog.)

I will put this on my meme list immediately!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I'd like to visit all those places too---actually, anywhere warm, sunny and beachy sounds pretty great about now. Thanks for playing!

pinks & blues girls said...

Oooh, fun meme! I will definitely do it! I've never been to any of the places you listed, but they're all on my list, too!


Stimey said...

FYI, this is still on my topics list for a post. It'll happen, I promise! I'm thinking of writing it to post while I'm on vacation later this summer. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not neglecting you!