Thursday, May 08, 2008

The picture of cuteness until they open their mouths

Last week Einey went to a birthday party. It was the first time I allowed her to ride with another friend while I stayed home. I'm beginning to think it may have been a bad idea. That night, she came home and sang a new song. Not one we approve of and we discussed it and told her we didn't want to hear it again.

Flash forward two days.

Einey is on a field trip with school, they went to the aquarium. It's a beautiful sunny 70 degree day. The three girls (Einey and two friends) are sitting at a table with their chaperone, a friend of ours, having a snack. The tables surrounding them are filled with various families. The girls are dressed in their red gym shorts, white polo tee shirts, and sneakers. Their school name is proudly written on their clothes. They are supposed to be representing their school and showing how well behaved they are.

Cue the music.

Yankee Doodle went to town
riding on a heater
accidentally turned it on
and burnt his little wiener

All three girls started singing. People turned to listen to them. They sang loud and clear. My friend's mouth dropped open and she turned beet red. She was totally shocked at the words that came out of their mouths. Apparently the birthday girl has an older brother. He taught it to her and she taught it to them.

All I can say is glad I wasn't there.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny glad it wasn't me but all you kids have done enbarrassing things

Binky said...

I am so immature. I laughed out loud at that song. My kids are doomed.