Friday, May 16, 2008

Random Bits

I mentioned in my last post about my drive for perfectionism. It makes me cringe inside when the girls are disappointed when they don't score goals in soccer, score 105 in spelling tests or rip an art project because "it's not perfect". I hate hearing them say "I can't do it, it's not right". I hate it because I know how it feels when you try your hardest and you don't live up to your expectations. So I usually try and calm them down and say "It doesn't matter if you score a goal or three, as long as you try your hardest and you're having fun".

I think it's getting through to them because one day, Eieny came home from school with a smile and said "did you know if I get an 80 on my spelling test, I still pass?" {Big Smile} "Um, well yes, and that's great IF it's the best you can do. You've shown us your best and your best is better than an 80".

What I didn't tell you in my last post is that Husband has some anal quirks himself. Being a painter, color is big for him. For me, I look and see green, where as he see's goblin green and moss green and about 100 other colors of green. Seriously, I go with him for complementary colors when painting the house and other such things. Also, with colors, things have to be arranged as such. He has been know to take out every single crayon in a box and arrange them by color. the same goes for packets of kool-aid, lolli-pops and other such items. His paints are in perfect order and I dare not touch them. (Although I think he does it now more to bug me - but then I will also mix things up to bug him). So I cringed a little when Einey came home from school and said "I took out all my crayons (I had to send a new box in this week) and put all the blue's together and all the orange's together and all the red's together..."

They're screwed, aren't they?


Speaking of soccer, Einey whines and complains when it's practice time. Often she's found laying on the ground during practice. But games? Those are a different thing all together. Two games ago, she scored 2 goals and her last game, she scored 3. She's been so happy. Unfortunately, she's made it her goal to beat her goal count each game making her a tad to much of a ball-hog.

She's also been banged around quite a bit this season. She was sporting a cleat shape bruise on her thigh for a while. It's finally almost gone and then last night, she took a ball to the knee (kicked from the biggest player at close range - you could hear the thwack!). And then a kick to the elbow. She was crying about "how the boys play to rough". Yup Einey, that's why the separate boy and girls next season.

Of course, I told her, part of childhood is getting bruised and battered. That you're not living it right if you don't break a bone or two growing up. That getting down and dirty is the best way to experience life. And above all, that it's all part of being adventurous. They'll probably have more fun than if they walked through life carefully and cautiously.

And I have come to decide that being a youth soccer coach (or any coach) is probably the hardest job ever. I've seen what they put their coaches through (the team, not just the girls) and there are many times that I feel for them. but you know what, even on the toughest days they are always smiling (even if it hurts!) and seeming to enjoy themselves.


I learned something new today. Meenie has this odd habit (or so I thought - it's actually fairly common). When she's deep in concentration, she sticks her tongue out. It bugs the crap out of me (I'm not sure why, but it does), but I don't think others really notice. I only noticed because during the winter, she kept getting chapped lips and a chapped chin. At first I thought it was from the cold, but I couldn't understand why it was just one area. So I started watching. And when she's concentrating, she sticks her tongue out. And so, ends up with a small chapped area on her face, just below her lip. Apparently it has to do with the hemisphere in your brain in which you process motor input. By sticking out your tongue, your suspending motor activity and making it easier to concentrating. It eliminates interference. And also, it's speculated that it's why adults bite their lips when concentrating. Apparently kids get used to being told, stick your tongue back in, that over time, they bite their lips.

So all in all, it's normal and now I don't have to worry about asking her doctor about it or asking for her to be evaluated by an occupational therapist. It also makes sense that we started to notice it when she started school, since she's working on learning so many new things now.


And in other news, we have grass! It's actually growing. I know it will be a long process as we will probably need to re-seed a few times and hit it with something to eliminate weeds yet saves the grass. but it's a start and I'm happy!


This morning, I left Meenie and Moe at home with Husband while I brought Einey to school. School is right around the corner, so I knew I wouldn't be gone long. When i returned home, I went upstairs to shut the door so Husband could have some quiet while he slept. I had to stifle a laugh when I saw what the girls had done. Husband fell asleep and they quietly stacked the bed with stuffed animals for him.


I've got a new review blog. Check out my first review of The Rice Krispie online site.


Anonymous said...

I can remember most of ur bruises and batters and if i remember most of them came from me...
ur loving big sister...
but all in all I also felt it was my job as ur big sister to protect u too
Love Ya.

slouching mom said...

heh. both my husband and i stick out our tongues when we concentrate. seems like ben and jack are in for it, LOL!