Thursday, May 15, 2008

She can talk the talk, but walk the walk?

Ask Moe about any animal and she can give you an answer. She just loves animals. Cows, walrus's and owl's round out her top three. With Horses being a close fourth. So Tuesday, Meenie's pre-school class was taking a trip to a (not so local) farm for the morning. Moe and I decided to meet the class there.

We pulled in and Moe exclaimed "is this the field trip?". After we paid our admission and waited for the class to come in, Moe and I checked out some farm kittens in a cage. Finally, the class entered. They were going to take a hay ride, but we've been there and done that. I just knew if I took Moe, when we got to the part where the really big bulls with really big horns came up to the tractor and started to eat the hay out from under you, she would FREAK. So we skipped and wandered into the animal area first.

Now this place has a fenced in area where you walk around. In this area, there are separated cages (color coded) where you can feed and pet animals. There are also random sheep, goats and chickens wandering around. At first, we approched the baby cows. They were only a few days to weeks old. Moe stopped and backed away, choosing to crouch down and peer at them fro ma safe distance away.

Okay not what I expected. We walked to the other gate and went in by the bulls. Moe quickly grabbed my hand (the one on the far side of the bulls) and peered around me. She quickly pulled me passed. And then stopped. The first of many animals approached us. It was a baby goat. Much smaller than she was. She slowly made her way to the other side of me. And so, as we walked passed the animals, she quietly went to the far side of my body, away from the animals. After a few minutes, I finally got her to feed one of the baby goats. But she wanted nothing to do with the bigger animals in the cages.

As we were watching the ostriches, the hay ride returned. We met up with the rest of the group and I guess Moe felt that safety in numbers was a good thing. When following the bigger kids, Moe easily went into the cages (the one's we were allowed to of course) to get up close and more personal with them. She even combed one of the sheep. She didn't stay in as long as the bigger kids, choosing to stand on the outside watching in, but she wasn't afraid.

Meenie had a blast, but wanted to ride a pony. I reminded her that her party is coming up in a few weeks and that she wanted the pony rides for that. So she agreed to wait. She also insisted on riding home with one of her friends instead of me even though we left at the same time. Ah, independence is a good thing.

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