Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello, Goodbye

Yesterday, we got word that our church is closing. We don't have an end date yet, but it will be soon (the other 4 churches being closed at the same time are all slated to close their doors in September), they are waiting for our priest to retire. He celebrated his 86th (at least I believe it was 86, he's always said he's stuck at 82 - for his last few birthdays) in February.

And surprisingly, I'm saddened by the announcement. We knew our church was on the chopping block. We knew, in our hearts, due to it's size and aging priest that it would be one that would be closed. But the announcement still caught us off guard.

For those of you familiar with Catholic churches, they are not known for their warmth. There are no nursery's, no after Mass get together's in church Hall. There are no teen groups or children's groups (apart from Catechism class). But our church was different. There was a sense of community. The priest knew everyone's name, knew who was sick, knew who needed help. He really knew his parish.

Our church. It's where I made my first communion. It's where Husband made his confirmation. It's where we were married. It's where we said good-bye to Nana. And great- meme. It's where Einey was baptised. And Meenie. And Moe. It is a big part of us.

We already know where we'll end up. We will join the church affiliated with the girls school. Their school-church. It was an easy decision to make. For one, it's where they go to school - and where they will make their sacraments (although we had discussed having Einey make her first communion this coming year at our home church, but in the end, decided it would be best for her to make them with her friends). We know the priest. We know the church (we've attended Mass there throughout the school year). We have friends who go there. And we already support the church and school. And it's close to home. Much closer than our church.

Unfortunately, my in-laws will be joining a different church. Even though the school church our new church was where Husband went until middle school, where his mother and her parents before her, were raised, they will not be returning to that church. At least not now (I don't know how the church they are choosing to attend will turn out). And what does that mean? That means that for the first time ever, I'll be going it alone. Sure, I'll have Husband with me sometimes, but a majority of the time, he's working weekends. And so, I relied on my in-laws for help. For support. And to keep my three little monsters girly's in line.

Good-bye, sweet little white church we love. Hello big, brick school-church.


Karen said...

oh, I'm sorry. That is sad & change is hard. I hope your kids take to it like ducks to water - and that lots of people at your new church step up to help you out when you are on your own!

Whirlwind said...

Thanks Karen. I'm sure the girls will adjust to the church easy (it's not having the grandparents that will probably be hard). They go to Mass there with school quite a bit so they are familiar with the church (and more so, the priests as they visit the school quite frequently).

I'm sure it will work out, but your right, change sucks.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I've always had warm spots in my heart for most of the churches I've attended, even if I've only entered their doors for weddings or funerals.

Alex Elliot said...

Why is your mother in law choosing a different church? Sorry to hear that your church is closing. The must be hard.