Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Camp Blues

Today was the first day of summer camp at school. The girls aren't going full week, but rather day here and there spread over two weeks - mainly so we can get some home improvement projects finished without them underfoot.

This morning started off with a few tears - all from Moe who wanted to go as well. Last week, she happily joined her sisters for a week (9 am - noon) at Vacation Bible School. And so she thought, she'd be allowed to attend school camp as well. Unfortunately, we didn't sign her up. And so all I heard was "I want to go to camp too. I'm a big girl now".

And then of course there was Einey. I packed there lunch together in a big cooler (I had to toss one lunch box this morning as it had started to grow some mold between the end of school and now - YUCK - and I couldn't find the other one). Einey saw what I was doing and then got crestfallen. "You mean, I have to sit next to HER for lunch?" Um yeah, sitting next to your sister at a camp where there are like 20 kids is a bad thing? Deal with it.

All in all, it seems to be going well.

As to what I got accomplished today - not a whole lot of anything. Moe and I ran some errands this morning, including stopping for Moe and Mommy's Coffee Break and cleaning out the old lizards cage (which a friend wanted to borrow for her frogs). Then we filled the bird feeders and Moe watered my plants. I did get some general stuff- laundry ect. finished) but still need to clean out my van.

Tomorrow - I am going to attempt to rescreen and rehang a door off the back door so when we leave the door open all day, bugs don't come in. The Dog ran through it when she was a puppy putting a large hole in it (she's seven now). When I went to Lowe's to inquire about a replacement door track, they looked at me like I had three heads and informed me their screens were replacements for sliding doors. Already installed. With the tracks already installed. Which we have. or had. The track is no longer there - it's old possibly shody construction. I think I have the track piece in the basement, so I need to figure out how to re attach it to the frame if I want a screen door. Or ask someone who knows something about it (I don't have much faith in those who work in Big Box Stores and Dole out information). Wish me luck!

Today - to the lake after I pick the girls up from camp.

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Jenifer said...

Why does it seem when you wake up in the morning you have a completely logical plan of things you want to get done that day.... and none of it gets done.

Happens to me like every day...