Saturday, July 12, 2008

Week one (the good, the bad and the ugly)

So far, this vacation hasn't quite been what we planned. We planned on getting some work around the house done (that parts working out) and doing some daytrips (that's not working out). Today marks day 8 out of 20.

Not only did we start off with two kids vomiting, I was sick for a day and then Moe started vomiting again. Then, we got a call yesterday from summer camp, saying one of the kids there this week has hand, foot and mouth. Last night, Einey spiked a fever. So far, it's just a fever and I hope it stays that way. Now, I'd rather deal with all three kids, myself and Husband having the stomach bug then having Hand, Foot, and Mouth again. Four years ago, when I was hugely pregnant, Einey caught H, F & M at a playgroup (8 out of 10 kids there caught it and it spread like wildfire through our MOMS Club). Husband also caught it and unlike what they say about it not affecting adults as severely, he had it bad. Much worse than I've ever seen. It was gross. Then two years ago, Meenie and Moe caught it (and I think Einey as well - apparently, against the myths once you catch it, you can't catch it again - there are different strands of it, so you can catch a different strand...). All was well. Until Meenie ended up hospitalized. Yeah not fun.

So here's what we've accomplished so far:
  • Sent the kids to summer camp
  • Caught a stomach bug
  • Finished sheetrocking the hallway
  • Mudded the sheetrock (next stop - sanding - today probably)
  • Planted some flowers
  • Trimmed the bushes
  • Pulled weeds from three flower gardens (just have the raised beds left)
  • Exposed to Hand, Foot and Mouth
  • Went to see Wall-E ($10 for all five of us!)
  • Went to a kids concert (T-Bone) and had a picnic dinner
  • Went letterboxing (found one out of the three we were searching for :( )
  • Missed a wedding (see #3)
  • Played lots of Wii Sport and Wii Play (as a family)
  • Played a bunch of board games
  • Repaired a screen door to the deck (thanks Mom!)

Things we wanted to do (or have left to do):
  • Finish Pergola on deck
  • Chip/mulch pile of brush
  • Mulch gardens
  • Powerwash the house
  • blueberry picking
  • Cape Cod
  • Peabody Museam
  • Boston Museam of Science
  • Howe Caverns
  • Make window stops (to hold the windows up - stupid old windows)
  • Trim bushes back on edge of property
  • mini golf
  • bowling (and not the Wii variety)
  • Meet friends for dinner

So looks like we've gotten most of the to-do items accomplished.

The good thing is, if we don't get to do some of the things we wanted to do this vacation, we've got another two weeks in August!


A quick funny:

The other night while I was working on getting some plants into the ground and Husband was trimming the bushes (to which the neighbor told him "it's about time I see you out here working in the yard, I see your finally giving your wife a break - she's done a tremendous amount this year, heh) we told the girls to get their bathing suits on and they could use the sprinkler.

Meenie comes running up and asks :

"Can I wear my zucchini?"


"My pink polka dot zucchini?

Ahh, your bikini? If you can find it.

(They were given bikini's as hand me downs and are only allowed to wear them at home).


creative-type dad said...

zucchini?! That's funny.

Sorry to hear about the HF&M...a friend got that from his daughter and he was really sick for about 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Can empathise on the H-F-M disease, I got it when I was pregnant with my son. So much fun.