Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's not a party unless somebody's puking

I'd like to say that the title of this post is in regards to an adult having too many adult beverages. Or that it was someone else doing the puking. But it's not. But oh how I wish it were.

Today dawned dreary and wet. So much, that we lazed around watching movies and playing the Wii. We almost didn't go to the annual 4th of July picnic at Husband's Aunt and Uncle's house. But his parents called three times and it seemed like the rain would hold. So we got the kids moving and went. Meenie and Moe had been a tad more tired today, but they were out late the night before.

We got to the picnic and had some dinner. The kids played. The adults talked. Well I tried to, but Moe was attached to me. "I want to go home. I want to lay on a couch". And then the vomit came. All over her. All over me. All over the ground. And then the three dogs came. Thankfully they listen. I got her cleaned up and then had to pry Husband away from his conversation to bring her home. We left the two older girls with the in-laws and took Moe home (despite my MIL asking if we wanted to stay and if she wanted "sick soda" - ginger ale). Moe slept most of the way home. And then we gave her a bath and threw our yucky clothes in the washer. Then she and I snuggled up and watched twelve dancing princesses.

When the in-laws brought the other two girls home a bit later, we made contingency plans for them to take the girls to a cousins wedding today. A wedding the girls have been dying to go to. They said "we'll see how she's doing in the morning, she may be feeling better". Um yeah. Like I'm going to bring my sick child, even if she's feeling better in the morning, to a wedding. A wedding where the groom's brother's daughter will most likely be there. The baby, born last November at just over one pound. The baby, who was a twin, who lost her twin 19 days after they were born. The baby, who is not quite a year old. No. Out of respect for the family we will not be bringing her to the wedding. I know the 24 hour symptom free rule.

We got all of the kids situated for bed. Moe seemed to be doing better, so we put her to sleep in her bed. Meenie and Einey camped out on the floor in Einey's room. And then......

I was woken up, not even an hour after falling asleep.

"Hon, I need you to clean this up, Meenie just puked"

So yeah, Husband woke me up to clean up Meenie and the carpet she puked on. He was nice enough to grab me some cleaning supplies. As I was grumbling about not being able to get the carpet clean and him saying we could rent a steam cleaner and me saying good luck with that on a holiday weekend. He snapped "stop being so melodramatic". Me? Melodramatic. Excuse me, but I got woken up fro ma sound sleep so I could scrub puke of a freaking carpet while you stand outside the room giving comments. I think I deserve that right.

The icing on the cake? When he walked into the other bedroom to get Meenie some fresh clothes, "Um, Moe puked again too". Yup, she puked and never woke up. So once I was finished cleaning one room and one kid, I had to do it all over again.

They are both now downstairs sleeping on the "sick bed" - an old couch we cover when they are sick and let them sleep on so they don't wake others up when they are inevitably up all night.

Now if you excuse me, there's a hardwood floor that's near the girls calling my name. Where's Husband? Upstairs in our bed, sleeping comfortably.

We hope everyone else had a happy and healthy Fourth!

To Husband's defense, he does have a low tolerance to puke. If he tried to clean up, he'd puke and there would be twice as much for me to clean up.


Stimey said...

I've had that day. I hope the rest of your weekend is puke-free.

Jenifer said...

I think all husbands are the same..

mine would have done the same thing, only he probably wouldn't have stayed up long enough to offer any comments or get me cleaning supplies!!

Audrey - Mom Generations said...

Oh, no! I hope there was no more puke... !!
And I have to agree with Jenifer, I do think all husbands are the same! LOL!
- AUdrey

chayesfss said...

Ehh, no not all of us 'husbands' are the same:p

Anonymous said...

My hubby cleans up puke a lot, because I usually volunteer to do laundry and run away,

Alex Elliot said...

Oh no! How's everyone feeling now? I had to laugh about the dogs line. Whenever someone throws up here the first thing we have to do is put the dog in another room.