Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Random Conversations Part #1

Conversation with a Four-And-A-Half Year Old:

Today we were going to eat lunch outside. It would have been one of the rare occasions where I got to sit and eat with my husband at our adults only bistro table. Of course, the kids would be right next to us at their own table, but it's nice to have the "feel" of a kid-free zone.

So here's a snip of conversation:

Me: "Does anyone want me to grab a pitcher of ice water?"

Einey: "Hee Hee Hee. That's silly mom. Why do you want to take a picture of water?"

And so it starts.... The need to explain that while a word sounds the same, and in this case (pitcher) where there are multiple spellings of it, it has different meanings. We had a nice chat about the differences of picture, pitcher (baseball) and pitcher (container).

Conversation with a One (Almost Two) Year Old:

We had to stop and drop some paperwork off at the Doctor's Office this morning so my husband would get FMLA for Meenie's hospital stay instead of using his vacation time.

As he hops back in the van and starts to leave, we hear a little voice from the back saying "buck, buck". I turn around and see Moe pointing at her dad as I'm trying to figure out why she was talking about his butt. As I turn towards Dad, I notice he didn't have his seat belt on and that is what Moe was trying to tell us. She had this big smile on her face as he put his seat belt on as if she was very proud of herself for helping daddy out. Apparently one is not to early to be safety conscious and we must have trained her right.

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