Friday, July 20, 2007


As I was waking up - doing my morning check of my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon this nomination by Fairly Odd Mother. She is the mom of three young children who is just crazy enough to homeschool them. I once thought about homeschooling my girls, but realized school = sanity! She is also one of my fellow New England Moms, so that makes her even more rockin'!

I am now supposed to 'tag' five other 'Rockin' Girl Bloggers'. I can't believe all the people I am about to choose have not been chosen before (at least as far as I can tell!). So, without further delay, in no particular order, here are some girls who I think rock:

1. Binky at 24/7 is a real life friend and the one who introduced me to blogging. She is an amazing writer! We will miss her and the Boss ow that they have moved.

2. Mrs. Chicken is a New Yorker living out in the Midwest (it is considered the mid west out there, right?). And while the shopping isn't always the greatest out there, she has great stories to tell! And for a little bit in the summer, she comes out East to the cape to vacation, so that makes her a temporary New Englander.

3. Mrs. Chicky is another New England Blogger whose life with Chicky Chicky and her two dogs is never boring. She swears she lives too far away from all of us other bloggers, but really, I think she may be closer to me that we know, after all, it's a small world. If you ever need advice on your dog, feel free to stop by her Dog Gone Blog. I sure wish this was around when we got The Dog all those years ago.

4. Lauren at Memoir takes totally amazing pictures. And now that she's got her new camera, she's taking even more! I envy her and all her pictures. You rock!

5. Toyfoto at Ittybits and Pieces is also another amazing photographer. Her pictures of her daughter and new son are amazing. And while unlike the others, she doesn't live in New England per say, but close enough!

You girls rock!


Mrs. Chicken said...

I couldn't agree with your other picks more.

I am humbled to be in the company of yourself, and these other talented women.

And yeah. I'm in the midwest.


Mrs. Chicky said...

Aw shucks. This is awfully nice of you.

And I do believe I'm pretty close to you, location-wise. When life slows down a bit (ha!) we'll all get together and smooze over drinks. Promise.

toyfoto said...

i was trying to e-mail yesterday but my e-mail isn't working in maine ... but thanks for the bling. you are a sweety.

Lauren said...

Awww. I would've picked the others too Mrs. Chicken. I envy all of you awesome bloggers!!

Karen said...

I think I have finally found other New England mommy bloggers - what took me so long! You all rock!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Cool! I love getting names of new blogs I've missed before! (although that Mrs. Chicky character sounds awfully familiar. . . )