Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day trips

In addition to letterboxing, while Husband was on vacation the last two weeks, we shipped the girls off to VBS each morning for one week and they started swim lessons the next week.

We took two day trips, one to a semi-local zoo and the other to the aquarium.

The zoo is one I went to all the time when I was growing up. I have very fond memories and hope that the girls will too. They have (in the past few years) added a HUGE chimp exhibit, a large area for their big cats (Lions and Tigers and opening very soon - the African Panther) and added a mandrill exhibit. Husband chased the male mandrill around the perimeter of the cage trying to get a picture, that he started to snarl and bare his teeth at him. I remember growing up, the big cats were in very small cages in the center of the zoo. It wasn't fun to see them that way (yes I know, animals shouldn't be in cages). And of course, they still have the "Big Red Bat" which the girls get a kick out of, just like I did when I was a kid! The day we went, it was raining off and on all day. It worked out well as the majority of the zoo is tree lined so the tree canopy kept us dry. The nice thing about this zoo is it is in the middle of nowhere. It's a nice easy drive!

And bonus, there is a letterbox here which became our first out of state stamp!

The aquarium is the one we go to all the time. We actually brought their membership and can now go whenever we want. They just opened their "birds of the outback" exhibit where you can walk through and feed the birds. They weren't very hungry though because they have so many people feeding them all day long.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

My zoo photos always STINK! Just a teeny tiny animal way, way back in the distance. Your photos are gorgeous! The next time I go to the zoo, I'm just going to use your photos for the album.

rebelmom said...

That's SW, not RW zoo, right? I hae never been to that one. Maybe this summer. Did you come back yesterday?