Monday, July 23, 2007

Not Rocket Scientist Material...

Anyone with kids know your going to have interesting conversations at some point. Her e are a few from the last week:

While driving to the store....

Einey: hey Mom, have you ever seen a dog driving?
Me: Honey, dogs don't drive. They can't they have no hands.
Einey: But Mom, what about the seeing dogs for the blind people? They don't let the blind people drive - that would be dangerous cuz they can't see.

Me: ???

Me: after laughing a bit - Well honey, that is correct - the seeing eye dogs do help blind people when they walk, but they cannot drive for them. They need other people for that.

Although, I have always wondered about the braille on drive-up ATM machines and other Drive through apparatus...


While shopping:

Husband and I just happened to accidentally walk by curtains that will match our bedroom. Have I mentioned we've lived in our house for 6 years?

We went to get a closer look -

Me: These are perfect - right color, nice pattern.
Husband: Yeah but look how long they are. They are too long for the windows.
Me: ????

Me: after a slight pause - you do know that your Mom is pretty much a professional seamstress right? If she can make a bridesmaid dress for our wedding, and new dresses for the girls, I'm sure she can handle hemming some curtains. Hell, I'm sure I could figure that one out.

One day it was raining so instead of swim lessons, they had an indoor water safety class. On the sheet of paper were different people and their jobs. The kids had to explain who they were and what they were responsible for. One picture was a man holding a hose.

Swim Instructor: Who is the man in charge of your house?
Einey: (with a look of pure bewilderment) Um I confused. What do you mean?
Me: laughing
Meenie: Daddy!

Einey knows - Mom's the boss!


Anonymous said...

Hey there the Braile that is on a drive through is because alot of blind people do get rides and if they go to the bank they are usually on the driver side backseat ...and they are universal machines from manufacurers lol but funny stuff

Karen said...

now I'm laughing! Every house needs a boss...thanks for stopping by my way, I'm happy I found then New England Mommy Bloggers!

creative-type dad said...

I never did understand the braile on the drive-up ATM's.

Jenifer said...

Too funny....

That's why blind people don'y skydive ya scares teh dogs.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

LOL! I've wondered about the Braille on ATM drive-up machines too! And, yes, momma is ALWAYS boss! : )