Monday, July 16, 2007

Tagged (Again)

I was tagged again - this time for a 5 things... meme by Jenifer of Everybody Loves Raymond (well some maybe) on her way back into the blogosphere.


5 things in your refrigerator.

1. A bag of cherries which have been in there for a long, long time. (I think from Meenie's family birthday party about a month ago) Apparently the girls do not like cherries. Either that or I am to lazy to cut the pits out of them. Either way, I think I need to throw them away.
2. A half gallon of milk (and I swear I just brought it). I think I need to invest in a cow- it would probably be cheaper.
3. Cream cheese and sour cream for the super yummy cappachino cupcakes I'm making for a party this weekend.
4. Husband's bar of chocolate from God knows when. And I was nice enough not to eat it on him.
5. Three and a half dozen eggs - because they were buy one get two free last week.

5 things in your closet (I'll do husband's closet because it's in our room. I actually share the closet in Einey and Meenies room).

1. A Darth Vader voice changer mask.
2. A really big super soaker.
3. A pirate costume and sword
4. Rolls of wall paper that have yet to be hung on the walls.
5. A Gargantuan Blue Dragon and Gargantuan Black Dragon

5 things in your purse or backpack

1. Pictures of the girls
2. Raffle tickets for a school function I have yet to sell (yeah we get them over the summer as well).
3. Tickets from the Wiggles 2005 concert.
4. My cell phone (and Husband's cell phone).
5. Tokens to the local grocery store.

5 things in your car

1. Two bicycles with training wheels (plus helmets), a soccer ball, bunch of kites, three folding chairs (2 adult and one child) and a stroller.
2. A few changes of clothes (mostly Moe's, I need to put more in for the other girls).
3. A bag of pasta that I need to drop off at the local food pantry.
4. A box of individually wrapped crackers and cheese for when the kids get hungry while we are out. Dubbed the snack bucket, but there isn't much of a variety yet.
5. My beach bag (which we use every day). Contents include a life jacket, two towels, a gazillion pairs of swim goggles, two pairs of water wings, three bottles of sunblock, s container of baby powder, a sand pail with shovel, lots of sand and a comb.

5 things in the world you want to see before you die

1. My grandchildren and even (hopefully but no too soon) great-grand children.
2. Victoria Falls
3. Australia
4. Europe
5. World Peace

I guess it is now my turn to tag 5 of you to participate...

So let's see, I'll go out on a limb and choose....

My fellow New England Mamas (yeah I choose all of you!)
Nate (because well, I can't ever comment there!)


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OK, got the tag! I'll hop on it after my delicious weekend away!

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Thanks for playing :)

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