Wednesday, July 11, 2007

High Flying

We live very close to a small airport. So close, we frequently have Cessna's and other small planes flying over our yard. This plane isn't about the planes though, it's about the parachuter's and hang gliders. Yup we can watch them too. We usually see them during the week in the early evening as we are enjoying dinner on the deck or relaxing in the yard. On weekends, they can usually be seen continuously throughout the day. We have never seen them actually jump though, we just see them usually slowly drift to the behind the tree line (I saw usually because on occasion, you will see one enter a pretty quick spiral).

Because of this as part of their lives, my girls have decided they want t ojump out of planes when they grow up. They were actually upset when I told them they couldn't do it until then. Apparently they think it's safe for kids to be jumping out of planes. I told them they can jump when they're older, I'll be on the ground taking pictures.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a bit of background before I shared a snippet of conversation:

Me: Get down from the deck railing before you fall (out deck is actually about 15 feet off the ground as our house is built on a hill). Einey to Meenie (who was leaning over the railing): It's okay, I'll grab a blanket and then she'll have a parachute if she falls.

She had me laughing for a bit before I explained that a) she wouldn't be able to grab a blanket before her sister hit the ground and b) a blanket is not a parachute and would not stop her sister from getting hurt.


creative-type dad said...

I think the rule is -- blankets work as parachutes only in cartoons. Oh and underwear too...!

Jenifer said...

Ugh.... heart failure is what I'd be having..

BTW I'm BAACK!!!!!!!! YAY new laptop!

Oh and I would love an invite to your 365 pic site... I was lurking until you made it private...

we still have to get together!