Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring, But you Still Have to go to Soccer....

Taken last week when it was sunny, hot and 90+ degrees.

This morning, it was pouring so I took my time getting the kids up. At 8:35 I went into the kitchen to make pancakes when I suddenly realized A) It's 8:35 and still raining B) neither soccer coach called to cancel soccer and C) I was due at the field 5 minutes ago for team pictures.

Throwing the pancake batter to the side, tossing on some jogging pants and a clean t-shirt and throwing sweatpants, their jerseys, socks and cleats on them, I got them dressed and out the door as fast I could. I threw a handful of snacks and juice boxes in the bag with their shin pads, and after I switched vehicles, we were on our way. The field is not to far away, so we made it there at 8:55, just in time to catch Meenie's team right before they took the team photo. I quickly brushed her hair and sent her to the photographer. I managed to get both girls photos taken with their team's and individual and then handed them some rice crispy treats and cheese-its for breakfast.

I sent Meenie with her coach for the game because her first 1/2 is with a trainer and figured I would watch 1/2 of Einey's and then switch fields. I watched a bit and then switched over the Meenies, only to find out they were going to have a full hour with the trainer as the other team didn't show up (WIMPS!). Since it was essentially a practice, I left her with the coach and went to watch Einey's game. It was fun and wet to watch. 1/2 way through, I noticed she was shivering because in my haste, I forgot to grab jackets (and I was silently hoping they would cancel the game) I found one of Moe's long sleeve shirts in my bag and put it on under her jersey (thank god she's small!). Meenie's practice ended and she came over to me. I figured Einey's game would be over soon as well since they are only supposed to last an hour. A few more minutes and we could head home and have breakfast. Wrong!

Apparently because the trainers were paid and there anyway (and most of the micro's cancelled their games) , they asked if they could train with Einey's team after the game. So we stayed. Two and a half hours later, wet and cold, we left to go home, dry off and have pancakes for lunch.

Did I mention it was only 58 degrees?


Jenifer said...

Holy cow! You would think they wouldn't make the kids play in the wet and cold. I mean soccer is supposed to be fun right? And I don't know about you, but being wet and cold is not my idea of fun!

creative-type dad said...

Wow, play all wet - it's just like prison soccer.

No I've never been to prison. I only know from movies (which are 100% factual!)