Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Rules of Three....

It's no secret that two has been a trying time for us. Moe has been very aggressive for most of it - often targeting kids for no reason. She knows what she's doing and that it's not okay (we talk about it) but it doesn't stop her. It's not an issue with acting out because she doesn't have words to explain it - she's fairly verbal (not so articulate - but enough so I can understand her).

SO this morning when she woke up, we snuggled in my bed for a bit and discussed the new rules she needs to abide by now that she's three.

1) We need to be nice to our friends. No hitting, no pushing, no fighting.
2) We need to be nice to animals. No pulling tails, no pushing, no sitting on.
3) We need to be nice to our sisters (they threw this one in)
4) We clear our own dinner plates (which she usually already does)
5) We use our words when we have a problem instead of getting too upset
6) We pick up our toys when we are done playing.

I'm not sure if this will work, but it's worth a shot. She seemed to really like getting some "rules" that make her a big girl. Violation of the rules will make her two again and she doesn't like that.

Here's to crossing my fingers and hoping it works!

Happy Birthday Moe!


Mrs. Chicken said...

That sounds like a most excellent strategy. I will be watching to see how it works - and then adopting it!

Binky said...

Happy birthday!

rebelmom said...

Happy Birthday Moeness! Like the "turn her back to two" trick you had up your sleeve.