Friday, September 14, 2007

Round and Round we Go...

I've tried the gym thing. And for awhile it worked. I'd drop them off at a baby sitter's (read grandmother) house and go to the gym for a at least a half hour. But then something happened and I'd try to bring the girls with me. They'd sit for 5 seconds and then try to use the equipment (the blocks, movies and books were no match). SO there I was, paying a monthly gym fee and not going. I was to worried my little angles were disrupting the other gym goers - some of them other moms using the time to be away from their own brood - exercising in quiet.

SO then I got the idea of walking the track after dropping the oldest off at school. And would you believe, this actually worked? Id' strap Moe into the carriage and Meenie would walk beside me. We'd make up silly things to do when we reached the 1/16 of a mile mark (1/4 mile track). Each time we passed a marker, we'd hop, skip, walk backwards, tumble (not I), twirl or what ever silly thing we could think of. This came about when Meenie needed physical therapy as a way to improve her muscle mass and has continued ever since. Can you believe that my three year old can walk/run a faster mile than I can? It's true.

I took the summer off as with the three of them, I just couldn't FIT it in. Someone was always whining - it's to hot, I'm too tired - it wasn't worth the hassle. But now that school has started, I've started up again - and you know what? I feel great on the days I walk. I drop one (or two) of them off at school (depending on the day) and drive to a local track. Sometimes I ask a friend to join me, and other days I do it with just the girls. I shoot for at least a mile, but if I can get them to cooperate for longer, I go as much as I can.

Of course, with all that walking, you tend to need new shoes. Shoes like these Ryka's that they are giving away for free. Five pairs of them to the lucky winners of today's Parent Blogger Blast.

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Jenifer said...

Shoot me an e-mail for where you walk.... maybe I could get my butt into gear to join you a few times!!