Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random things

Okay, so I took this from my Facebook page, but I have no clue what to blog about.

Snow days are getting old - there are only so many times I can say the kids are home from school, we went sledding and I baked more cookies, brownies, pancakes or cookie brownies... So here goes. Sorry if you read this already :P

* Wait, actually there are a few changes....

Hum what to share…..

1. I met Husband when I was 14 and married him when I was 19. We are celebrating out 10 year anniversary this fall! We brought our first house at 20 and I had our first child at 21.

2. Over a four year period (from October 2002 – May 2005) I had three surgeries, three babies and numerous ER visits. That was just myself, and does not include visits made by Husband or the girls in that time period.

3. I used to be a perfectionist. It’s taken a long time to realize that hey, you cannot be perfect all the time.

4. I am way too serious. It takes a long time for me to “lighten up”.

5. I have panic/anxiety attacks. They fucking suck. I hate them and hate feeling like I’m letting people down.

6. I graduated second in my class in high school. And was amongst the top in my class in college.

7. Other then motherhood, I’ve never had a full time job.

8. I have no clue what I want to do for a job when Moe go to Kindergarten next year. And it scares me.

9. I was the first (and only) member of my immediate family to go to (and graduate) from college.

10. My three daughters are 33 months apart (18 months between Einey and Meenie and 15 months between Moe and Meenie). Moe was a surprise. A happy surprise.

11. I gave birth to all three with no drugs. I was in labor for Einey for 8 hours, Meenie for 15 minutes and Moe for 45 hours. Thank good she was last. I delivered all of them naturally. Moe was breech. I was not allowed to leave the hospital while in labor with her.

12. I love my inlaws. They are great people. Even so, I tend to make things difficult at time.

13. I have a blog. Lately it’s sucked. I need something to write about.

14. I coach soccer but have never ever played before. It’s a lot of fun. Now none of my kids want to play though.

15. I love spending time outdoors with my family.

16. My family drives me nuts! Seriously.

17. I always count stairs as I walk up them.

18. I tend to volunteer myself for anything when people need help. I’ve finally learned to smile and say “no.” But then I feel bad.

19. *I hate scary movies almost as much as I like them. I think it stems from being brought to see Nightmare on Elm Street when I was four. I remember hiding in my seat in the movie theater the whole movie.

20. I tend to be laid back as a mom. My kids are not involved in a lot of activities, they don’t always wear hats during the winter, they play outside by them selves, watch a lot of TV, run barefoot during the summer and play way to many video games. They are, I think fairly well adjusted and so I’m told, pretty well behaved (the last part, I’m not so sure :P)

21. I didn’t drink coffee until I was pregnant with Moe (which I think is self explanatory). Now I’m hooked, and so is she.

22. I never dreamed I’d be a stay at home mother. Nor that I’d spend many days in an elementary school. But I love watching my kids at school and having lunch with them.

23. As you can tell, my life and who I am pretty much revolves around my family. But I’m okay with that. Even if it makes me slightly boring.

24. I usually read a book in one to two nights. I’m not exaggerating, ask my friends.

25. I would love to have had more kids. Husband, was done way before I was.

I'm not passing it along as I did on Facebook already, but feel free to play along if you want.


Super Mega Dad said...

I think I'm right there with you on #20. I'm pretty laid back, much to my wife's anguish. I let them goof off way too much, and I'm always afraid I'm messing them up somehow. But then somebody says what well behaved kids they are (if ONLY they were that way AT HOME), and I feel that they can't be all THAT bad. :)

Whirlwind said...

I know, even when we think they are not behaving, we always get compliments on how well they are behaved, so I guess as long as they're good when others see them, that's all that matters, right?

toyfoto said...

I used to have pretty scary anxiety attacks when I was in my 20s. It's gotten easier.

Stimey said...

I liked reading this. I learned some stuff about you. Cool!