Sunday, January 04, 2009

Second chance

The puking child has stopped puking. In fact, it wasn't anything more than what was posted last night (thankfully!). I'm crossing my fingers that the others don't pick up where she left off.

The leak, is still a leak, but Husband is pretty confident he know where it is. Unfortunately, it could cost anywhere from $300 to $1200 (or more, that's just an estimate) just for the piece. He's taking the plans he drew in tomorrow along with some pictures he took to get a second opinion from a co-worked and he hopes, that said co-worker can help him install the new piece (once we figure out where to order it) thus, making a plumber unnecessary. I'm crossing my fingers.

The van - still starts. it will be getting a new battery soon just in case!

Myself, I've vowed to give 2009 a second chance. Don't make me regret that decission!


mom said...

hope your year gets better from here on in

C Sierra said...

I have officially been on Mars since Dec 30th when my company told me we weren't getting paid on the 31st because of "cash flow" issues so I quit the internet - for the most part - to avoid working for free during my vacation. But then I missed out on some great stories, dilemmas and blogs so now I am back, and still not paid, but hoping that things have really turned around and you are glad you are giving 2009 a second chance :)