Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just how cold?

As we were walking out the door to school today, I once again reminded the girls to put their hats and mittens on (which really, they need for the 10 steps from the house to the van and then 10 steps from the van to the school door since it's too cold for recess this week). Einey looked at the thermometer and commented, "hum it's 12 degrees, I thought it was only supposed to be 10".

Yeah 'cuz those 2 extra degrees make a whole ton of a difference!

So yeah, it's cold out side, but nice and comfy inside. I have the curtains drawn next to my desk. I prefer them open, but since they are for the door to the deck, it lets in alot of air. And this morning, I finally go around to putting plastic over two of the 4 windows in the playroom that need it. I did the two that had the biggest drafts and Iswear I can already tell a difference. Either that, or it's because I struggled with moving full bookshelves to get enough room to work at the window.

I hope everyone else is staying warm!


Anonymous said...

my dad swears by "plastic"ing older windows, glad it is working out for you. Hope it gets back to a balmy 32 degrees soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was -3 today with -20 windchills. Count your blessings.

Super Mega Dad said... do people live in that? It was mid 80's here in sunny Southern California today. Only had 3 earthquakes though. Slow earthquake day.

Whirlwind said...

Jennifer - I feel for you guys out there!

Super Mega Dad - Luckily, these are extremes and don't last too long - a week or so. You just limit your time outside and bundle up!