Friday, January 09, 2009

Still here

I'm still here, I haven't given up on '09 yet :P We've had a few days where we've been sorting things out on the computer. We had a virus. One that was quite tricky. We suspected one, but when we ran a virus scan and ad-aware scan, nothing showed up. We ran a few more scans with other programs and still nothing. Finally, on like the 6th scan, we were ready to admit defeat and say "maybe we didn't have a virus" when it was like - hey look, here's a virus. So we found it and managed to get rid of it.


This week was also tricky school wise. The girls weer slated to go back to school Monday morning but then there was a 90 minute delay for weather. Which meant, the older two went in, but Moe's class would be canceled for the day. Tuesday, they had school which was great because I had to go to the dentist. Wednesday school was canceled for everyone due to ice. Thursday they went to school on time and today was a half day (but it was a pre-scheduled half day). And tomorrow? More snow. We've already gotten more snow then we've had the last few years. The words "paint" and "walls" were used in the same sentence too many times. Thankfully, they are big enough that they knew enough to clean it up before I saw. They missed the big hand print on the curtain though... Remind me again who brought the paint at Christmas?

We also spent the majority of the day without cable. I had to smother a laugh when I heard from the other room "I wonder if Mom will let me play the Wii." "No, you can't, we don't have cable, remember?" "OH yeah, okay". And with that, they continued to play together. With real toys. Toys that make you think. I didn't bother correcting them.


Today, Husband had a friend over the re-wire a junction box. Only they waited to about 3:30 pm to start. It's New England. The sun sets around 4:30. Around 4:00 they realized they needed one more piece and had to run to Lowe's. Meanwhile, he had cut power (and heat!) to the whole house (it was easier!). See where I'm going? Yup, they had to finish the job with aid from a flashlight as it too dark.


Are my kids the only one's who want to order meat with a side of meat? Case and point, last week when we went to the hot dog stand, when I asked what they wanted on the side of their hot dogs. They replied with "chicken nuggets". On occasion, when we go to McDonald's and I ask what they want with their chicken nuggets, at least one will try to ask for a cheese burger.

Yesterday, they asked if winter was almost over. They want spring and summer. They were NOT happy when I informed them that is has only been winter for about 3 weeks and we still had about 9 weeks left.


I've decided Husband needs a new name. At least, here he does. So I'm taking suggestions.


SciFi Dad said...

My daughter would take meat with a side of meat, and a meat dessert if we'd let her.

Oh, and for a name, I suggest Steve.

Anonymous said...

how about mighty then u can have einey,meenie mighty and moe

VEE said...

Ok Few Husband suggestions:














MOTH <---- Man of the House

OR .......


Anonymous said...

I like that MOTH of the house heehee

creative-type dad said...

I like my meat with a side of meat only on special occasions, like Arbor Day or Earth Day.

Names: Hasselhoff, Dawg, Notorious (insert anything), GWAR, Obi-one, Boss Hog, Natasha.

Anonymous said...

M.O.T.H. Man of the house YUP thats cool
because U are the S.A.H.M

M.I.T.H Man in the House

G.O.T.H goofball of the house ..maybe you wont like that one

Cascia said...

I just found your blog on Twitter Moms and I love it! I think we may have a few things in common. I hope we can keep in touch. Take care!