Saturday, January 24, 2009

Girly girls

There is changes afoot.

Last week, Moe had a play date at a friends house. When I went to pick her up, I could see they did their own makeup. Which was fine. their kids. Even the resulting rash because she has sensitive skin didn't bother me. A few days later, she came downstairs with glitter glue all around her lips. That was a fun one to clean up.

And then it moved to the school bathroom. There is a group of little girls who huddle by the mirrors and share lip gloss. Lip gloss, that's not supposed to be brought to school. This week, Meenie came home and said I kept my lip gloss in my pocket at school except for the one time I put some on in the bathroom. Even after we talked about not bringing it to school, it went anyway. The next day she came home and said "I shared my lip gloss with Girl #1 and Girl #2. Okkaaaaaaaaaaayyyy. Into the trash went the lip gloss. But apparently there's a stash. Because now Meenie and Moe have at least TWO lip glosses on them every time I turn around.

Yesterday, I took Einey for a haircut. She choose her style -it's a cute little bob. And today after admiring herself in a mirror for a million years, she proclaimed "I like my hair. It makes me look older. I look like I'm ten!".

Gah - I thought I had a few more years!


Stimey said...

You're in trou-ble! Thank God for my little dudes.

Anonymous said...

i feel your do you like the cut? send pics!
MMHR and the babe

Fairly Odd Mother said...

#2 is obsessed with lip gloss and goes everywhere with it. Everytime I find it on the floor (where it doesn't belong), I toss it. Oops, bad mommy! But, sheesh, I don't remember sneaking makeup until I was 13 and it was black creamy eye liner!

Whirlwind said...

I swear for every 1 I toss, 2 appear in it's place. She also keeps asking for a makeup kit she got over a year ago - which I just found stashed on the refrigerator. Guess where it's staying!

Alex Elliot said...

I try to remind myself that independence is a good thing...particularly when my kids agree with me!