Monday, December 15, 2008

All I want for Christmas is....

Baby go pee-pee ~ Moe, age 4
Easy Bake Cupcake Maker and an American Girl Doll ~ Meenie, Age 5
A turtle ~ Einey, age 7*

Unfortunately, Santa has no plans to actually deliver said wants. So we'll probably have some disappointed kids on Christmas morning....

There are 11 days until Christmas and we were pretty well done all our Christmas preparations.

Tree ~up and decorated~ check

Cards ~issue resolved and mailed ~ check
Cookies ~ made ~ check

Holiday Festivities ~ Light Parade ~ check

Snow ~ check

Stockings ~ hung by the chimney with care ~ check

Presents ~ brought and mostly wrapped ~ checked
Letters to Santa mailed ~ check

Visit with Santa ~ Ah shit. Um.. no.

Oh wait, does Santa riding on a firetruck around town count? They didn't get to sit on his lap or tell him what they wanted though. I'm working on trying to get Santa to visit the house, but I think a trip to the mall may be in order. We missed visiting Santa a few weeks ago due to icy weather.

After leaving Santa (we ambushed him in the village because we were late for Einey's game and they had heard him coming and wanted to wait. So we drove down and met him in the village behind us), Moe looked at me and said "That wasn't the real Santa. He didn't talk like Santa". That and they commented on his fire boots....

And Holiday outtakes....

Did you know Menorah is another word for poop? ~ Einey
Um, no, but manure is another word for poop. A Menorah is a Jewish candle holder.
Oh, yeah...

"Heart the Herald angels sing..." ~Meenie
It's Hark.
No it's not.
Yes it is.
No it's not.


* we'll just call her seven, she's close enough!


Stimey said...

Your kids are both cute and hilarious. Are you sure you don't want a turtle?

Anonymous said...

too cute, don't get the turtle unless you want to help care for it.

Tracee said...

Hilarious - you're ahead of me. I haven't sent the letters to Santa.

Binky said...

LMAO at the menorah confusion :)

I got your Christmas card and loved it. The girls look beautiful and GROWN UP!