Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Flake watch 2008
I like snow. Really I do. But I don't like it all at once. As I write this, Sunday morning, it's pretty much been snowing straight since Friday afternoon. We've probably got 10-12 inches (give or take a few because I can never tell) with another 4-8 inches set to fall today, before turning to sleet and freezing rain. Unless of course, the forecast changed, I haven't actually checked this morning.

Anyway, Friday was a snow day. The kids had no school, despite the fact that the flakes didn't start falling until 1:33 pm (exact time I posted on Facebook). The kids literally asked every 2.5 seconds where the snow was. They accused ME of lying to them. "I thought YOU said it was going to snow". "Are you sure we didn't have school, it's not snowing". We had friends come over while waiting for the flakes because both of our sets of kids were going stir crazy with anticipation of the non-existent promised snow. But finally it started. And it hasn't stopped.

And I haven't left my house since. Oh sure, I did go outside to shovel three times already (after all, Husband needed a place to park his car when he got home from work). And we played outside for hours. And we fell dove walked across the yard to our neighbor's houses bearing gifts of fresh baked breads and muffins as Christmas gifts and so the girls could hit them up for GS cookies. And we refilled the bird feeders. But that's it. We have yet to travel out of the roads. The roads, which BTW, are craptastic at best. I've barely seen a town plow on our road (we live on a main road through town) and when I do, they're driving around with their plows up. And judging by the amount of hard slop that wasn't at the edge of my driveway this year, I didn't miss seeing them. Call me crazy, but I think you remove more snow/slush/ick with the plow down.

Anyone want to guess how many times my kids have pee'd in their snowsuits? Two. And anyone want to guess who didn't grab laundry soap Friday before the snow started falling? Yeah me. Speaking of laundry... So yeah, I'm snowed in, in the sense that I could leave if I had to, but then I'd have to take the car and use only 2 car seats and I don't want to unless I have to, and running out of laundry soap, contact solution, mayo, hot cocoa and dog food. We can make it until tomorrow though, when either the kids have school and I can go to the store, or when Husband is only working four hours and will be home before lunch to you know, help.

And I'm about ready to staple a fleece blanket over the playroom doorway. The door, it behind the tree so I cannot isolate that room. The windows, are super duper drafty which means, it's making other areas drafty. Not that they need much help because we need to update our windows. I think this summer we're going to start two rooms at a time because we cannot afford to change all 28 windows at one time. But the playroom - freezing!

So yeah, my muscles ache and I'm cold (my next house is going to have a garage and insulated walls!). But overall, for being snowed in with my girls for the last few days, we're all in pretty good spirits. We're enjoying out hot cocoa (like the one on the left) which is probably why we are almost out and have enjoyed playing outside. Today's agenda is more shoveling, more playing outside and more baking.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....


C Sierra said...

I feel your pain, joy, frustration and enjoyment of these 48 hours of winter fun. If this is a glimpse of the 10 days to come while we are all home together for the holiday break, we could be in serious trouble :)

Alex Elliot said...

I think my son's school was the only one open on Friday. Fortunately he goes to morning preschool. We had serious cabin fever today!

Anonymous said...

craptastic ??? LOL Thats Funny ...BTW Good Looking Hot CoCoa :P (slurp) Yum!!