Monday, December 01, 2008

The first day of Christmas

When did Christmas get extended from Twelve Days to Twenty Five? And if there are twenty five days to Christmas, why has ABC been airing Christmas show for the last two weeks (as their countdown to the twenty five days of Christmas). And on the subject of ABC, why for the love of god, do they start their programming at 8-9 pm? My kids are in bed at 7:30 pm, so it is entirely frustrating to them that I won't let them stay up (no way are they staying up to 10 on school nights watching TV!) and frustrating to me for being the bad guy for telling them to go to bed!

Back to the subject of Christmas....

Yesterday we decorated the tree. For the first time since before kids, we put glass ornaments on it. Within a half hour, Moe broke one. This morning, Einey ran by and broke another one.

Broken ornament total: 2

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Anonymous said...

Guess it's back to plastic until there older. mom