Sunday, November 30, 2008

The perfect tree

Yesterday, we took the girls to the local Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. It's a bit earlier than usually, but with Einey's birthday party next weekend and Husband working the following weekends, we wanted to go when we weren't rushed. We grabbed a saw and walked down towards the back of the farm. The day, was thankfully, not to bad out. It was in the mid 40's, so definitely not "oh my god, lets grab a tree and go" weather.

We found a great tree and the kids had a blast running up and down and across the rows. Einey thought it was great - just like a maze. And while we didn't take the wagon ride, choosing to walk instead, and Santa wasn't there yet - he arrives next weekend - the girls had fun. I believe this was only the second year we actually cut down a tree (the first year being the year we were married and only because the place where we had our reception gave us a free tree). I think it will be a tradition from here on out.

Today, we decorate!


I did it! I made it to the end of NaBloPoMo with posting every. single. day. So I guess that means I owe you reader's something. So, tonight I'll draw a random number based on comments and will award one reader a Starbucks gift card. So leave a comment by midnight tonight and I will draw the winner in the morning when I awake. Winner will be announced upon notification of the winner.


I can't believe you guys don't like free stuff! Not a single person has left a comment to win over here. Seriously, if you click over now, you'll have great odds of winning!


Stimey said...

I didn't enter your giveaway because I'm a Mac girl—not because I don't love you! :)

Congrats on NaBloBlaHoosey!

Karen said...

sweet tree!

C Sierra said...

Congrats on a blog a day - I'm having a hard time with a blog a week these days! And good work with the tree! We wait until after our birthday(s) party next Sat so as to avoid misdemeanors by tween boy cousins wrestling in our living room :)

Heather Shinn said...

Hey, this site is different. But cool. You have to do a lot of writting, I'm not sure it's for me. But you can check my myspace page out. I just have to accept you as a friend in order for you to see my whole page. It's set to friends only. But I will check back here to see you page and updates. Talk to ya later, Heather