Thursday, November 20, 2008

The photo shoot

Last week, I dressed the kids up and we headed out into the woods for our annual quest for the perfect holiday photo. Of course, since they are my kids, there was some complaining. Before they even got dressed, there were complaints of not liking the outfits I purchased "This makes me look fat" and "I don't like the color". Once I wrangled them into their outfits and we arrived at our destination, I heard complaints of "I'm cold" and also, much to my surprise, "I really like this, it keeps me warm".

Here are a few shots that didn't make it to the final for the card.

I thought about bringing the Dog but am so glad I didn't try it. All in all, I got some really nice shots despite not taking too many pictures.

My pictures are now at the graphic designers, awaiting to be turned into a beautiful card. Hopefully I'll have them back tomorrow so I can place my order. You'll have to wait and get the results in the mail!


Anonymous said...

photos by the water are one of our favorites too! Can't wait to see the card!...I'm off for a little coffee, heehee.

C Sierra said...

Very cute. I was far less creative than you and stood my kids in front of the Christmas display at the Mall tonight. I was just pleased they both smiled at the same time ;)

Anonymous said...

Leave it to my neices to be GOOFBALLS !! lol

wait a minute .....Is Meenie as tall as Einie ?? WOW !! Moe will soon be there if she keeps eating her sisters snacks ...heehee

Auntie Vee

Whirlwind said...

Yes the yare. I thought about using one of the goofy pictures as our card :P

M - yes, I love the water pictures as well. But thats actually not one I picked! Enjoy the coffee!