Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Weird blog searches take 1

I've finally gotten some strange blog searches so here we go.

child's breath smells when she's sick
Wanna know something else, if she's puking, it smells even worse

betty crocker vegetables
I didn't know Betty Crocker grew vegetables. I tend to just buy whatever the grocery store has

toddler stuck smarties up her nose
That wasn't very smart of her now was it? My girls tend to stick peanuts up their nose. I'm sure the solution is the same though. Cover the unblocked nostril, open their nose and blow hard. It should dislodge the object. Unless your like Einey and shove it really far up. Then you need to go to the ER, get put to sleep and have it removed. Try the first method though, it will save you ER fees. Better yet, just send those ER fees to me.

oct. 30 2008 trunk or treat ohio
I have no clue on this, but if they did have trunk or treat then, I'm sure it was fun.

redneck halloween decorations for trunk or treat
I'm sure rednecks use skulls from their roadkill and string up their empty beer cans. They may even have real caution tape hanging around. But I don't know any rednecks, so I can't ask.

silverware thief
Why are you missing silverware? I'm pretty sure Moe only tried to steal silverware once, and she wasn't actually trying to steal it. We don't have any extra hanging around. Sorry.

fire diaper severe burns mother
Huh? What? I'm sure they are flammable. Not sure how that led you here though

somebody puking
Here's some advice. Step away from the computer, grab some towels, plastic bags, and spray cleaner and start cleaning it up. Throw the laundry) if they got any) and put it in the washing machine. Don't let it sit.

and the most often searches which leads people here:

coffee toddlers
Okay, so I know Moe's a coffee addict, but are there that many other toddlers addicted to coffee? This search comes up almost every day, sometimes several times. For those of you searching for giving toddlers coffee? my suggestion - don't. It's not really good for them.


the pearson c.a.s.t. said...

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Stimey said...

My child's breath smells even when he's not puking.

Clink said...


fire diaper severe burns mother