Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Aftermath

The booty

This morning, much to the girls dismay, I had to wake them up early. We had soccer at 9:00 am and in order to make sure Einey made brownies today, I had to pawn her off on unsuspecting friends drop her off at her brownie's leaders house before heading over to soccer. It was bittersweet, our last soccer game. I really enjoyed coaching but am glad it over.

Anyway it was not a smooth morning. Moe promptly threw herself on the ground when she found out she was having cheerios and NOT candy/chips for breakfast. She conceded when I allowed her to add some grapes. Victory was mine! Then She lost her water bottle somewhere at the soccer field. I'm still baffled by that one. Oh and she absolutely refused to play. It was parents versus kids and only three kids from our team showed up. Moe. Refused. To. Play. Go freaking figure!

So that candy is hidden. Even away from Moe. It will be doled out on my schedule, which is hardly ever. Most will probably be tossed. I had to toss candy from the last holiday to make room for this candy.

So back to last night.we went to a friends Halloween party and then trick or treating through her neighborhood. We did the lower loop and since it was still early when we got back to her house, we decided to go up the hill and do one of the cul-de-sac (we almost made it to your old house MMHR - just a few houses shy!). The kids were definitely tiring out, so at one house, we thought we recognized our friends house in the back. My friends Husband (not the one whose house we were at) asked the lady at the house, "hey is that so and so's house?" Then he asked, do you mind if we cut through your backyard to get back? SO short cut back and then it was time to head home.

The best treat - that candy apples from my neighbor's house. They had actually ran out, but graciously offered to bring one more over for Moe when they were finished. So a half an hour later, they came over with a warm candy apple in hand. The girls had them a little bit ago.


Expect posts everyday for the month of November. I've joined NaBloPoMo . I'm not sure if I can make it, but if I do, I'll throw in a prize for you, my readers. I'll post that towards the end of the month.


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