Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Process

My daughter's are not special needs children, however, they have required different services over the years.

Einey, while she didn't qualify, was evaluated for speech issues last year. She speaks great, however, some sounds (mainly her "th's") do not come out as they should. But, it was just that one blend and she didn't qualify. And it's getting better. We make sure we try and correct it. She's also gotten a bit older -part of the reason was it was borderline on the age appropriate list of things she should say at her age.

When Meenie was three (one month after her birthday - which meant she no longer qualified for the birth to three program) she was sick. She contracted encephalitis and as a result, needed OT and PT. it was interesting to watch the process- the initial evaluation with the different therapists. The different session (each, thankfully, in our home) and then the discharge from services- another evaluation with the different therapists.

When Moe turned three, I had her speech evaluated. I took her to our early education center and had her evaluated. Again, they did a full work up, with four different therapists. My reason for having her evaluated - she had poor pronunciation and people had a hard time understanding her. The result - they felt, for her age, she was on target. And ahead in word usage. So no services. Fast forward to this year. She started preschool and within a month, the teacher asked if I minded if she had an evaluation. Of course not. The pronunciation issues were still there and many, many people make comments about not being able to understand her. A few weeks went by and she finally got the evaluation. The result - they'd like to do a more comprehensive evaluation. For what? Pronunciation issues. I believe (but I haven't heard) - that she had the evaluation Wednesday - (her sister informed me she saw her sister in the hall with "Mrs. Speech"). I'm hoping that she qualifies and that she can get the help she needs. But part of me wants to scream and pull my hair out! I wish we could have gotten her in services sooner.

So now we wait. Wait to see if she'll qualify or not. I am thankful, though, that they have access to the speech (if needed) at their school. Since it's a private school, they don't usually have any special services.


catnip said...

Oh how frustrating! To know the issue and not get the help for it...ugh. I hope it works out for her now though.

Stimey said...

That's so hard, when you take them to get evaluated and they don't qualify for services and then later it turns out that they should have.

My Jack didn't qualify for services when I got him evaluated at age two. Crazy.

I'm sure she'll get what she needs. You're definitely looking out for her.