Monday, November 24, 2008

The Christmas Card From Hell

I thought I was on top of things.

I had my Christmas photo taken.

I had my cards designed by a friend who is a graphic designer.

I went to print them....

And holy crap. They look like shit. I've opened them in numerous programs. My friend opened them in other programs. Amazing. Truly amazing. Go to upload them to any site to print them. Shit. Crap. No way am I purchasing them.

I spent over a half hour on the phone with Shutterfly tonight only for them to tell me that my boarder won't work and to try and use on of theres. Um no. I want MY pictures dammit!

So now I have a a few things to try, but none of them involve spending $500 on pictures (which printed professionally would solve the issue). Tomorrow is another day, right?

Oh and the kicker, I usually mail them the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So not going to happen.


Stacy said...

Shutterfly's online program makes my photos look like crap, too. I printed out a book and it came out fine, though. Now, if you print them out and they don't look good on your printer that is another thing. Do you have them at a 72 dpi instead of 300 dpi? That would majorly affect them.

SciFi Dad said...

Sometimes, file types change everything. What program are you using to view? What is the original design file? Are they the same version? As Stacy suggested, check your printer settings; the resolution will also affect things.

Finally, what do you mean by "bad"? Pixelated? Colours messed up?

toyfoto said...

I find shutterfly's onlie image isn't that great for proof. It may turn out fine. Did you check out

They do excellent printing and it's not much difference in price.

Whirlwind said...

It may be the program. I took it to Target today and printed it there and it was a bit blurry (although, around here, that is normal for the kiosk printers).

I think it has to do with the size file she sent. I think it's to small. Shutter fly CS said they couldn't support the colors used in the boarder, whatever that means.

SciFi Dad, it was pixilated near the words on the boarder and a little fuzzy looking.

We used Picasa, Office Photoshop to view it with no problems.

But it's all good now. I have help from someone else!