Friday, November 28, 2008

The hottest Christmas toys

Who needs to stand in line all morning for Black Friday deals?

The hottest new toys can be found just about anywhere. IN fact, I'm sure you have them laying around your house, in the basement, garage or attic. You may even have them in other rooms of your houses!

Who needs toys when you have these?

Yup, a plain old cardboard box. Currently being used as a secret hideout - for a secret bonus, when you close it up, you can see a starry sky!

And a smaller version currently being used as a doll house.

That's right, this Christmas season, forget the toys and just wrap those empty boxes!

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Mac and Cheese said...

What a coincidence. A cardboard box became the hot toy around here just today.

Stimey said...

You heard about the stick being inducted into the toy hall of fame? True story.