Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What do you do in that unexpected time alone?

You play with play dough, of course!

Today, found Meenie and myself alone after school. Einey had pep squad and Moe was invited over a friends house for a play date. So I picked one kid up at school, left one at school, and sent the other on her way from school with another mom. I told Meenie was could do anything she wanted, after all, it's not often that we get to spend time together alone. She thought and thought.

First she suggested the Wii.

The she mentioned play dough.

Once we arrived home, she decided play dough was it. So we pulled out all the beautiful colors of containers of purply-brown play dough and we created. We made chocolate chips. We made hair for Pinkie Pie. We cut, we squished we had fun.

Then we made hot chocolate. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and Halloween holiday sprinkles on top.

And all to soon, it was time to pick up the other two.


This morning, I had my mom all to myself. She came over after I dropped the kids off at school. We went Christmas shopping. It's not to often that I see her without the kids around. Or one of my siblings. Or my nieces and nephews. It's not to often that we go and do something together, usually our visits are at one another's house. And usually they involve one of us doing housework. Or a party. Or busy with something.

It was nice. Very nice.

And all to soon, it was time to pick Moe up from school.

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