Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Go Vote

We woke up early this morning so we could make sure all our morning items were finished early before we went to vote. We dropped the younger two off at school for breakfast and took Einey with us to vote. Husband stayed up late to come with us as he was coming off of night shift. As I was filling in my bubbles, I read every selection to Einey and then filled in my choices. After we were finished, we discussed who we (husband and I) voted for. We also explained things like voting across party lines (we did) and how each vote is your own (i.e. don't vote for someone just because your friend is). Husband and I even voted differently on one section, which I think surprised her. We discussed the historical significance of this election (either way). And most importantly, we discussed why we vote and how lucky we are that we are allowed to vote.

Then we got her a donut and took her to school. We expected the lines to be long, or at least longer then they were. I didn't expect to bring her to school before 9 am. At any rate, I expected her to be late. She was on time. We went, and got right in and right out. There were no lines. I've heard others say though that their polling places had lines out the door. I'm just hoping our place picks up. Or it could be because our small town has numerous polling places.

Anyway, we voted, did you? If not, what are you waiting for????

Did you bring your kids to the polls? Did you blog about it? If so, DM on twitter (whirl_wind) /email/or leave a comment and I'll put up a link to your post here.


C Sierra said...

Picking up my daugther at 2:00 and off we go. I'm not sure she's grasping the concept - she thought I was going to vote when we went to church on Sunday. I tried to explain that I keep church and state separate :)

Anonymous said...

swift creek held a mock Presidental election last Thursday, we will see if their results match up!

Anonymous said...

hope M isn't too disappointed, looks like VA wasn't the only upset state!