Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat

It's trick-or-treating, only you decorate your trunk and bring the party to one single location. The girl's school has done this the last few years and they've had a blast. Here's what we came up with this year.

By the numbers:
1 Raven
1 Strobe Light
2 Rats
2 Jack-O-Lanterns
3 Halloween costumes
12 Floating Eyeballs in a jar
60 Creepy Peepers Mix candy
102 Fruit Roll Ups (minus the 1/2 dozen Moe ate the other morning)
210 Assorted Hershey Candy (minus what Moe ate the other morning - I found her with a pair of scissors and the trunk or treat loot on the floor of the mudroom. Empty wrappers discarded)

One party, one school party, two nights of boo-ing and trunk or treat down. Two school parties and trick or treating to go. Oh and I learned my lesson. I'm pretty sure the candy is all put away where Moe cannot reach it.


C Sierra said...

What a great idea. Nice trunk (I'm not being fresh with you)...

I told my son I was going to hide the candy and his response, very firmly, was "I WILL find it". Amazing what they do for sugar.

Happy Halloween!

Karen said...

genius idea! Why don't we have that at our school?