Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Date Night

Last Thursday was our ninth anniversary. Since Husband's schedule at work is a tad messed up right now, we were limited to a night out. And not even an overnight (as the logistics would have been too complicated). Since we are both doing the South Beach thing, we researched where the best place to go out to eat was. We came up with Outback. We could get our choice of grilled meat, and have steam veggies on the side. Add a salad on the side and we were all set. Overall, the dinner was nice.

Then we headed over to The Shoppes in Millbury to try and catch a movie. Unfortunately, every movie we wanted to see had either already started or were not playing for another three hours. So we headed over to Best Buy to look at camera;s (we had discussed finally getting ourselves one for our anniversary). They didn't have the one we wanted, but they had the "newer" model for sale. We decided to head down to Ritz camera in Providence and check it out. They had the camera, we wanted but it was $50 MORE then the newer model at Best Buy. So we decided to hold off on it.

But, we are getting a new camera. We found the newer model (the Canon XSi) plus camera strap (free) and the UV filter (which I've heard is a must to protect the lens) for $668 shipped! That's $31 LESS than what we could have gotten for just the camera at Best Buy or Ritz. And the best part - my friend also has that camera and said if we needed to, we could borrow some lenses. Husband's first comment is he's buying a tripod and macro lens. I'd like a wide angle lens and a good "zoom" lens. For Christmas, I think I'm also buying him a light box. Shhh!

So all in all, while it wasn't a glorious anniversary, we had a nice, relaxing, kid free night out. And it was just perfect!


Anonymous said...

glad you had a great day w/ your sweetie. MMHR

Jenifer said...

We went to dinner too!

Happy Anniversary!