Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween not so long ago

And since I posted about Halloween from my childhood, I thought I'd post about the girl's Halloween's to date.


It was just Einey this year. We made her a costume of a monkey - which turned out more like a mouse. Husband wanted to add a vest and a fez and an organ grinder.

Einey had her first trip to McDonald's this night.


Here is Einey and Meenie. We wanted matching costumes, so I made the ladybug bug sewing spots on a red dress and adding wings from Old Navy. The sunflower costume was made from a snowsuit, felt and lots of hot glue.


Here's is Einey, Meenie and one month old Moe. Since I was very pregnant and not at all in the mood to make costumes this year, we let the girls pick. They chose a dog and a cat costume. I did make them the cute collars they are wearing with colored ribbon and little tags. The tags had their names on one side and phone number on the other side. So naturally, I made Moe a mouse. We used gray sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt then pinned felt ears and a rope tail. She was so cute!


This year, the girls balked at matching costumes. We made Einey's cowboy costume. Meenie wanted to be Jo-Jo so we brought her a costume. And somehow, Moe was a cave baby. I made this costume as well (which I still love) without a pattern. The fuzzy warm material was a pain though. Husband was a pirate and I threw on an old prom dress as a princess for a Halloween party.


Back to matching costumes. My MIL (she's great!) made the girls these matching princess costumes. They are one of few items that are not in the general dress up area. Husband was a knight and I was a queen. We dressed up to go trick-or-treating and for Mystic Aquarium's Sea Scare. Coincidentally, the family we trick or treated with for a few years, their children were a princess, a king and a frog.


Hodge Podge again. Einey went as a witch. We found this awesome witches hat (another item not for general destruction - it's hanging on the playroom wall well out of reach) and then found a great fairy costume to go with it. Meenie was Dorothy for the sole purpose of getting the much converted ruby red slippers. And Moe was a pirate princess. It took forever for her to choose a costume.


This year, the girls picked their costumes. Einey is a ninja. And instead of the little face mask, she insisted on the full ninja mask (not pictures). Meenie is a geisha girl, otherwise known as queen of the ninjas. We tried to get Moe to go as something similar but it was a no go. It took her forever again to choose a costume - she wanted to be a Disney Princess. We finally found the costume she wanted - a gold (non-Disney) princess costume which she proudly calls her Belle dress.


Anonymous said...

Meenie has changed so much from last year..We have a Witch and a pink poodle this year!!
Happy Haunting

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I love all the photos... all the years! I kept going back to see how the kids grew and changed! What a miracle to see, right before my eyes. I LOVE this post. It is a very, very happy post. Thanks for sharing... it truly is delightful!

Anonymous said...

I gave up on matching/themed costumes for Bri and Jimmy. Easier now to let each pick. Jimmy is Jack Sparrow and Bri is Minnie