Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The new room

When I started converting the nursery to a big girl room, I didn't realize just what I was undertaking. It's starting to cost more than I expected.

For starters, I picked out a new bed set. That was $150 (with the sheets) and I picked up a chair as well for her to sit in which was $30. We decided to keep the walls the same color and just update the top where the trim was. I picked up one double roll of wall paper thinking it would be enough, and I was glad when I realized it was a $50 roll! Yeah, not so much, I need two more rolls. Yikes! Which I ordered today. At the same time, I picked up the two curtain rods Husband wanted, which were $20 each. I still need curtains. I know which ones I want, I just need to pick a color - those are $25 each. I picked up a few pictures/accessories, but those were truly bargains - only a few dollars each. The furniture is staying the same, however, we need a bed frame and mattress and box spring. I've priced those out at two local places and yikes! And we need to pick up (and paint) the chair rail border we're putting up.

But overall, the room is coming along smoothly and I like how it's turning out. Here's an in progress picture.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to pick up any subbing hours. They haven't had any available that fit my schedule. :(


Karen said...

oh, it does look great though!

Bryan said...

Check out BJ's for a mattress set. They are really cheap there and pretty good quality. That is where we got the boys two full size mattresses for $125 each.