Monday, October 20, 2008

The Diet - week 2

So the two weeks of phase one on the South Beach diet went past with no issues- other than the girls wanting our food. It really wasn't as bad as I thought and I lost 13 pounds! I fairly confident that I'm going to stay on some sort of modified version now - adding in some "taboo" foods but keeping the portions small and more frequent.

What I did notice was that after day two, I was no longer tired. That's right, I could go from morning to night (even waking earlier!0 without the dreaded mid-day sleepies. I no longer had highs and lows throughout the day as my blood sugar went up and down - it stayed at a constant level. And I was happier. Which made the girls happier. So yes, I feel great.

I really wanted to keep the fact that I was on a "diet" from the girls - I didn't want it to impact how they thought about their bodies. Yet they knew. And they asked. In fact, Einey - all teenie tiny her - declared that when she was 18 she was going on a diet. So we talked about how some people weigh a little more then they should and that they need diets, to get healthier. She seemed to accept that.

Meenie pips in with "I know someone else who needs a diet. Uncle Meatball - he's too big".

Heh. If only Uncle Meatball knew. Of course, she justified this by standing on her chair and reaching up as high as she could (after all, Uncle Meatball is really, really tall).


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Congrats! 13 pounds is EXACTLY what I still need to lose (I've lost 3 so far...)!

Candace said...

huh!!! 13 POUNDS??? I am on week six of weight watchers and have lost 6 pounds! Uh oh I might need to trade in my monthly pass for the south beach book!