Monday, October 06, 2008

Somehow I think I screwed myself in this deal.

Somehow, I think I drew the short straw on this.

Awhile ago, Husband announced that he wanted to try the South Beach Diet. Then he asked if I'd try it with him - you know, for support and all? I said sure, what the heck, we're going to be doing it together and I can stand to lose a few alot of pounds. Time went by and he still mentioned it. Finally he decided he'd start it yesterday, the day he starts transitioning to his outage schedule. Which means, for the next six weeks or so, he's working nights, six days a week. Which means, I'm home alone with the kids. For three meals a day. For six weeks.

So while he's sleeping the day away, I'm shopping, preparing meals that we can eat AND seperate meals that the kids can eat. I'm sitting down to eat with them, me with a salad or ham and eggs probably and them with carb laden goodness. I have to deal with them whining that they want my hard boiled eggs, my sugar free Fudgesicles, sugar free jello and pickles. I have to deal with them throwing tantrums over what they want to eat and keep them out of our food. And I have to sit and watch them eat. And beg for hot chocolate -because that's the time of year it is. While he gets to eat in piece and quiet, his only concern being that he has foods available he can eat.

When I mentioned it to him, he said "you're strong you can do it. This is the best way for me." I don't know if I can do it, I just jumped on the bandwagon. He also thinks it should be easy for me as I've done it once before*. I'm sure I'll make it past the initial two weeks, but I'm not sure after that.

So far, day one went by uneventful. Today is okay, but I'm hungry. I'll keep you posted.

* I haven't done SB before, however, while pregnant with Meenie, I wasn't allowed to eat any fat in my diet. At all. For nine + months. But it wasn't just me. The health of my unborn daughter was on the line there. That was a no brainer. And I could eat fruit and cereal to satisfy my cravings. And drink milk and milkshakes made with fat free frozen vanilla yogurt. That was easy.


Karen said...

yeah, this is less than ideal for you - I don't know much about the diet, but if its healthy, I guess it is worth a try!
mmm, hot chocolate. I hear ya.

catnip said...

It's definitely harder to be on a carb-free diet than on a fat-free diet. South Beach is not a very good comparison to what you had to do while you were pregnant! Good luck with it though.

Anonymous said...

Found this list of "Foods to Enjoy" ...
I'd consider preparing meals you and the kiddos can all have, may take some menu planning but saves the fighting and temptation!
Good luck!!

* Boiled Ham
* Canadian Bacon
* Canola Oil
* Chicken Breasts (skinless)
* Cheese (fat-free or low-fat - American, Cheddar, cottage, cream substitute, feta)
* Cornish Game Hen
* Eggs (whole)
* Fish (all types)
* Green Vegetables
* Lunchmeat (lean)
* Peanut Butter
* Peanuts
* Pecans
* Pistachio Nuts
* Olive Oil
* Seasoning/Spices (broth, butter sprays, pepper, anything containing no sugar)
* Shellfish
* Sirloin
* Sweets * (chocolate powder, cocoa powder (baking type), hard candy, sugar substitute (sugar-free)
* Tenderloin
* Tofu
* Turkey Bacon
* Veal
* Vegetables (artichokes, asparagus, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, legumes, lettuce, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini)

C Sierra said...

My hubby did SB a while back and he lost a bunch of weight - which all reappeared on his body 9 months later. He joined me on Weight Watchers in Jan and we both lost 25 lbs since then with no signs of it coming back. We did our own weigh-ins at home. Good luck with everything for the next 6 weeks - sleep, food and kids!