Friday, October 24, 2008


Psst. Hey you there. Yeah you. You with the full branches of green leaves. Take a look around. Se everyone else? Yeah, they're changing colors and dropping their leaves. You could do the same thing you know. What? Your saving me the problem of raking you say? But I'd much rather rake now when it's just cold and not bitterly cold. It's not a race to see what happens first, you dropping leaves or the snow falling. So yeah, please drop your leaves?



lg said...

Hum is your diet messing with your brain or is it lack of having kids around that you have to talk to trees now you do remember my phone no don't you love ya mom

C Sierra said...

We have a tree in our front yard that NEVER falls until well into Nov. We are always amazed it wants to remain an outcast during this autumn season :)