Monday, October 20, 2008

My new toy

My camera came in! Actually it came in last week, but I had to grab a memory card for it and we spent the weekend testing it out. It's great and I love it. I actually had to pry it out of Husband's hand though! It takes great action shots, which is great for all those soccer games we have to sit through each week. It takes great shots indoors - which is great for school as I can never get any pictures to come out inside the gym or church! I wanted to do a Christmas card shoot this weekend, but we ran out of time - maybe next weekend between soccer and the Halloween party we are going to. That and I want to get to the pumpkin patch this week, but it's a busy week. I wish Husband was home more!

Here are a few shots we took!

We get a new camera, and where do we go? A cemetery of course. My girls love traipsing around them!

I tried a different technique - using a leaf as a filter. Ineed to play with the settings/focus more, but still thought it was a neat picture.

Taken while I was driving. Husband was shooting out the window.

These two are in our yard.

Girls - happily smiling for the camera.
Moe up a tree.

My favorite road to travel down.


Stimey said...

Great photos! I badly want a new camera too. Have fun with it!

C Sierra said...

I love taking pictures and regret when I leave home without the camera! Nice shots and very New England for this time of year :)