Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wanting her boys

Last night during soccer, my mini's were scrimmaging against another team. Einey asked if she could go over and practice with her friend R. at his practice. Previously, Einey had played on R's team, up until this season where they separated the boy and the girls.

Now, this season, Einey has been less then thrilled about soccer. A game, that she's loved and has been good at up until now. As I watched across the fields, I saw her out there running, passing and keeping the ball under control. She was giving 100%. She was having fun.

When we left, I commented on how well she played and told her that's what I expect to see when she's playing on her team. And we talked a bit. And I think I finally found out what's been bugging her (and me) with her team this year. This year, they split the boys and the girls. It's a little more structures in that they actually use positions and are learning what you can/can't do. There's still no ref and no penalties, that will come at the next level. But the team she's on? All they do at practice is scrimmage, scrimmage, scrimmage. There's no passing drills, there's no fun games, nothing. For them, it's all about winning and not about having fun.

At the end of our conversation, she asked me
When am I getting my boys back?

Not soon enough honey. If it takes having a co-ed team for you to have fun and give it your all, then I wish that's what we can have. I'm hoping, that if she wants to even play next season, that I can get her on another team. As VP, that shouldn't be hard, unless like this season, their is only one girls team at that age level. And if not, I'll let her take a break. She already know that next fall, Meenie will move up to her level with her coach and Einey loves that team. That coach is like her old coach, he uses games to teach the fundamentals. However, she doesn't want to play if her sister's on her team.

I wish they'd just give her her boys back!


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creative-type dad said...

She could just wear a fake mustache and then join the boys.

Just a thought

Anonymous said...

I remember another girl who didn't want to play soft ball and ended up playing little league baseball with the boys remember mom what goes around comes around lol

Anonymous said...

Hee heee hee Hmmm That strange anonoymous woman seems to be RIGHT! Like mommy Like Daughter .. LMAO ok NOT SAYING YOUR A STRANGE ANONYMOUS WOMAN haha

Anonymous said...

As long as she stays just one of the boys until HS like you you could be safe. lol