Sunday, December 07, 2008

What a weekend!

It's been a busy weekend. Our weekend started Friday as the girls did not have school. In true fashion, we invited some friends over for our annual cookie decorating party. We supply the cookies and usually the frosting, and they all bring toppings. This year, I realized too late, that we were out of some ingredients to make frosting and the frosting I had hanging around was old. Very, very old. So I asked a friend who was coming to bring some. No problem. Only, it started to get late, so just as I was sending another friend out to get some, he arrived. The kids, I think, had a blast. And of the 5- 6 dozen cookies I made, we had only a handful left that didn't get decorated. And true to fashion, my younger two girls put frosting on their cookies and then dumped heaping piles of toppings on top. Even Einey was stuffing handfuls of sugar into her mouth.

After that, we had to head over to school for parent teacher conferences. Einey is doing great. Her test schools for her first standardized tests surprised us. Her language skills are just way up there. Her math skills are normal for her age, but it's something we need to work on. Overall, she's doing great in school.

Next came Meenie. She's doing as well as she should be doing. She had some issues adjusting to kindergarten at first and took her teacher a little bit to figure it out. You see, while Meenie is very outgoing, when it comes to new situations, she withdraws. She watches and observes and once she reaches her comfort level, she starts to come out of her shell. Now that she's comfortable, she isn't as nervous in the class anymore. Her biggest issue is speed. She races through things just to be done and move onto the next task. So, we need to work on getting her to slow down.

Moe is doing okay as well. Her evaluation was done in October, right after she turned four, so there were some things she didn't know. In just a few short months, we've watched transformations. She went from hieroglyphics with writing her name, to actually writing her name so you can understand it. It's still rough, but it's getting better. She never wanted to write before and even now, it's hard to get her to pick up a pencil and do her homework.

Saturday, was, by Einey's opinion, the best day ever. We had her seventh birthday party and she didn't stop smiling the whole time. The house, while a bit crowded, didn't feel overwhelming. We had her friends arrive an hour before the entertainment. We did cake and presents, and as she was opening the last presents, the entertainment arrived in the form of a man and his reptiles. So we all went down to the basement, which was a little more crowded then I expected, but not overly. Einey got to be the helper with every reptile and invertebrate he had, holding it first and then bringing them around to her friends. Every time she was asked to reach into a bag to pull something out, she didn't hesitate at all. Seriously, she just reached into bags of snakes to pull them out. Even when she was told, "Our next creature is a carnivore, and do you know what carnivores eat? meat. Yeah your made of meat, so just put your hand out like this" she didn't flinch. We had everything from geckos to an alligator. From the sounds of it and the looks on the girls faces, they had a blast!

And this morning, we woke up to a slight covering of snow. Einey has her first cheer leading game this afternoon (she missed yesterdays game) and then hopefully, if the weather holds out, we'll be able to go to the light parade tonight.

I hope everyone else is having as great of a weekend as we are. I don't remember the last time I've been so relaxed on a weekend so full of activity!


Congratulations to Lauren and Karen who were winners of my blog giveaway.

I posted a review of the party over here.


Stimey said...

I love that photo. Sounds like a great party!

Anonymous said...

looks like a very happy birthday girl...glad things worked out so well with the earlier party date!!
Happy birthday cutie pie.
MMHR and baby!

C Sierra said...

I think it was in the stars and moon this weekend because we had the Friday school Christmas fair, Saturday dual-birthday party, and Sunday christmas tree purchase and there were very few tears, grunts or complaints. Kind of nice, right?

Alex Elliot said...

I love the idea of a cookie decorating party!