Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On the second day of Christmas...

...my babycakes gave to herself. Today at school was the annual children's craft fair, where the kids could bring in money and buy gifts for their family members. I sent each girl in with money and instructions to try and get something for each member of their immediate family. And if there was any money leftover, they could spend it on themselves. Moe came out and said she got me something, and her sisters something and herself two somethings. When I asked if she got her dad anything, she said she "trogot". These gifts, while different always hold a special meaning because they are something they picked themselves, without any influence from family members.

So I asked her to show me what she got for herself and sh pulled out a hair thing-a-ma-bob and a tea cup, filled with biscotti, tea bags and a honey spoon. She was sooooooo happy and asked if she could open it RIGHT NOW. Once I stopped laughing and I told her it was tea and that it wasn't, in fact, a lollipop in there, she still wanted it open. I convinced her that maybe, just maybe, we could give that to daddy since she "torgot" him. She agreed and I offered up a lollipop at home instead.

When we got home, she watched me pull out a gift for Husband that I picked up from a friend who braved the Black Friday madness (of which I will not name in case he actually reads this). She looked and exclaimed "you got something for daddy!". And then was happy that her daddy wasn't "torgotten".

The winner of my NaBloPoMo posting everyday is C Sierra from Suburn-dwelling Sierra . Congratulation's!


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Anonymous said...

I would love to win something for my hubby.

Anonymous said...

I guess if I am to win you would need to know how to contact me. I am the one who said I would love to win something for my hubby.