Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Einey

Happy birthday, Einey. I still can't believe that you are now seven. No longer a baby nor toddler nor little girl. Recently, we gave you your own room and transformed it from the nursery to a room fit for a tween like you. Your growing up fast, as is evidenced by your tastes in clothes, music and playthings. Sometimes we get glimpses of the little girl you were and other times of the big girl you are yet to become. There are days where it seems like you are stuck in the middle, not sure which way to embrace. But overall, you are a fantastic daughter. You are polite, smart and not afraid to stand up for yourself. This year, you made sure no one forgot that you share a birthday with Jesus. And so, tonight after our Christmas dinner, we will dine on birthday cake. Lemon creme if I recall.

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Lauren said...

Happy birthday sweet special Einey!