Monday, December 29, 2008

Wii Fit - Fun (at my expense) for all

I found out a sure fire way to make the girls laugh. Just pull out the Wii Fit....

I got the Wii Fit for Christmas. It was not exactly a surprise, given that I actually purchased it myself. Apparently neither was the Guitar Hero I scored for him on Black Friday, which was, might I add, hidden waaaaaaaay back in the bottom of Einey's closet. But it was, a very much appreciated gift. I first tried it out after they were in bed, Christmas night. Then, we were busy so I skipped it for two days. Know where this is headed? Yeah, it yelled at me. You should come back everyday, yada yada yada.

So back to the kids. I turned it on and waited for it to load. And then the lionesses started stalking for the kill.

"What happened to your Mii?"
"Why is it so fat???!!!"
"Look at your Mii"
"Heehee, it's belly is sticking out"

Kids, you know, that's not very nice, your mom doesn't actually look like that does she.

All eyes gravitate to my middle.

"No, not really"

And then the games started. I started with hula hooping, since I didn't do too bad on that the first night and I knew they'd like it. Of course, I did okay, but there was alot of snickering from the peanut gallery. And when I inevitable missed a hula hoop Moe's mii threw at me - there was no stopping them.

Next was soccer, where they took turns lobbing balls, cleats and panda heads at my head. Seriously, these kids.... Oh and Einey, "I can't wait to play soccer again, I can throw my shoes at people..."

"Mom, does your head hurt from getting hit with the shoes? Do you need boo boo bear?"
"Mom, you should avoid the shoes..."

Then it was onto ski jumping where they laughed their little asses off everytime whenever I missed a jump and ended up rolling down the hill as a giant snowball.

"Hey mom, can you see with that helmet on?"

You mean, can I see standing right here? Um yeah, the mii on tv, doesn't have to see...

Running wasn't bad, and they actually lost interest once they lapped me.

Then the strength training exercises, they tried to mimic, often taking up my space. And yoga, forget about it. I had little hyena's crawling into my space, standing on the balance board and knocking me off of balance. Which in turn, made Jeremy, my personal trainer (what, you didn't name your trainer??? Well neither did I, but they did) tell me I was a bit shaky. Well, yeah, but he wasn't working out with three little beings who insisted on climbing on and knocking over him.

So all in all, while I enjoy my Wii Fit, I think I'll be leaving it alone until when they aren't around. That way, Jeremy doesn' think I'm some kind of unbalanced couch potato....


C Sierra said...

Hmmm...I thought the Tiger Woods golf game was mean to my husband last night with all the cruel comments, we may not invest in that Fit torture just yet ;)

Stimey said...

This happened to me too. My kids really enjoyed seeing Mii get hit in the head with soccer cleats.