Friday, October 26, 2007

All that hard work and nothing to show for it

Let me start off by saying, the girls have never really been picky eaters. They won't eat everything, but they do eat alot of different foods.

And while those different foods include the hard-to-get-kids-to-eat-veggies such as spinach, cauliflower, broccoli and eggplant, try getting a tomato or cucumber or pea or carrot past Einey's lips. Go ahead, try, I dear you too.

But then something strange started happening. You see, during the spring, I slave over making a small vegetable garden. Working the land, planting, keeping the weeds out and watering it. And by July, I can see that the fruits of my labor are about to pay off. The tomato's are almost ripe, there are snap peas in the corner and the peppers are getting larger.

But then, they're gone. All the ripe veggies are gone and the not so ripe ones left. Okay, we'll wait a few more days, we can eat them then. Oh, wait, now they're gone as well.

You see, my child who won't eat common veggies if they are put on her dinner plate (and her siblings) are like that pesky Peter Cottontail. When hey are out playing, if they spy a ripe veggie, they take it and gobble it down. If they are in the mood and there is enough, they will share them. And while Husband and I have to resort to veggies from the grocery store or farmer's market, at least we are comforted by the thought of our children eating their veggies. We'll plant again next year and maybe, just maybe, they will leave some for us.

The moral of the story, if you plant it, they will eat it.

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Are your kids picky eaters? Were YOU a picky eater? What have you tried to get them to eat, and what have they done to avoid eating what you’ve served? Post about your mealtime skirmishes and strategic maneuvers on your blog anytime today, October 26, before midnight PST. Title your post creatively - we’ll list them below by post name!


ktjrdn said...

Heh. I used to do that in the graedn too.

mama k said...

I have fun memories of munching green beans off the bush too! LOL

I really want to get my garden functional again this year.

My blog blast entry is here:

Magpie said...

I wish! Maybe I'll try that next summer.

Lela Davidson said...

Whatever works. As for the deceptive practices, I'm just too lazy. I just put in on the plate and go all Dictator on the kids!