Sunday, October 07, 2007

Harvest Party

Yesterday, we attended a friend's Harvest Party. We all had a blast.

There was food, oh so much food. Chicken pot pie, beef stew, chili, homemade bread, cornbread muffins, baked mac and cheese, chicken nuggets (for the kids), buffalo wings, crackers and cheese of all kids, apple pie, pumpkin doughnuts, apple cake, bacon biscotti bread, stuffed pumpkin, apple danish, candy apples, cupcakes and cookies. I'm sure I missed something. Then there were dozens of types of October Fest beers and pumpkin spiced ales. They had apple cider, hot cocoa and spiced teas. To end the night, there was a giant bon fire where we sat on hay bales and there were fleece blankets to wrap yourself in.

For the kids, there were games and activities, pumpkin painting and cookie decorating. There was a honey comb ball to roll around in and a moon bounce to jump in. A word of advice, put the kids shoes somewhere where you could find them before it gets dark. There were soccer balls and baseballs. Frisbees and beach balls. There was an innovative bobbing for apples game where you had to use your foot to grab the apple.

It was a great way to usher in the season.

The only problem was the weather. Don't get me wrong, it's hard to find fault with a clear 85 degree day. Except when the weather should be crisp and cool. Where you should be wearing jeans and sweaters and huddling your loved one's for warmth by the fire.


LoveMyStarr said...

How fun! My parents have a hayride and bonfire every year, and it's always been cool enough to have to carry sleeping bags. We may be wearing shorts, too. Love the pumpkins!

Mrs. Chicken said...

I just cannot get into harvest activities - my thermometer read 98 degrees today. I am longing for chilly days!

Those pumpkins are too sweet.