Monday, October 08, 2007

Pigs DO Fly...

Husband surprised me last Friday night, in honor of our upcoming (tomorrow) anniversary, in arranging to have his mom watch the kids overnight. The first time that did not involve a hospital in almost six years (since the night before Einey was born). Unfortunately, because his mom kept waffling on whether or not she would take the kids, he couldn't make concrete plans. And we had to pick them up by 8 am so we couldn't just drive to Boston or New Hampshire and spend the night.

So since they didn't take the kids until 5pm (we were supposed to drop them off after Einey got out of school at 3:30 but they were not home) we drove up to Mass and ate at the Outback. We cracked Aussie jokes in fake Aussie accent's all the while saying our Aussie friends would be so disappointed in us. Not to mention that they would probably scoff at the menu as it isn't true Aussie fare. It was fun to be able to relax and talk in grown up terms about grown up subjects. Without interruptions, without fingers grabbing food of our plates and eating while our food was still hot. I didn't have to share and it was very relaxing.

After dinner, we hit Toys R Us (I know, no kids and we go to a toy store) as we have a birthday party coming up and can only find Pokemon toys at TRU. We were able to actually browse and get some ideas for Christmas without kids pulling us in thousands of directions.

Then we headed home. Our plan was to stop and grab a bottle of wine and a movie. Unfortunately, we didn't think this through and forgot that alcohol is not sold after 8pm in our grand ol' state. We bypassed the movie and were going to watch one of the dozens we have at home but haven't had time to watch. Instead, I crashed on the couch at a way too early time. But I actually got a really really good night of sleep - no kids climbing into bed, no kids tossing and turning, no nightmares, no coughing. Just silence. And silence is golden.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

As someone who is routinely kicked in the head and woken up for various reasons ("I'm cold/scared/can't sleep/hot/thirsty"), I can totally appreciate the loveliness of a night in your own bed without interruptions!